C.M. Chidgey 2015

The Hunter's Retribution (Cryptid Curse Chronicles, Book 2)
Revenge is the only thing that Maddie Ives desires, she wants to make the creatures pay who destroyed her life when they killed her family. Every evening is spent hunting down every one of the things responsible for it. A guy in a cloak is the only other person she knows who hunts them, all she knows is that he has a Russian accent. That all changes when he comes back to her apartment one night to give her stitches. She never expected for him to be the person who put her shattered heart back together. It gave him the power to tear it apart just as easily when she finds out what he has been hiding from her the whole time. The hunter soon becomes the hunted as the creatures get more intelligent, but is the fact that she kills them the only reason they want her? Or is there more to her life than she knows?