C.M. Chidgey 2015

One Of The Enemy (Hidden Descendant Series, Book 1)
A car crash is all it takes to change Cayla Thompson’s life from the happy family environment to living with a drunk uncle who makes sure she stays guilt ridden for the one mistake that killed her cousin. She’s now starting at a new school with new people and draws the attention of the “mean girl” by simply walking through the doors. Things aren’t looking good for her new start besides her one friend, Andrew who talks enough to help her forget it all, at least while he is around, then Dominic is suddenly in the picture and things start getting even better. But, there is a secret that everyone is in on including Andrew. The secret seems unreal, and despite how impossible it appears it is nothing compared to what she has to accept about herself, her parents hid something major from her and she is only just finding out the truth.